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Finanças Femininas: É um bom momento para comprar um apartamIn this way, two important advertising campaigns will be launched in the main issuing destinations in the Region of Murcia, which are the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

The strategy of the Tourism Institute of the Region of Murcia for 2021, 2022 and 2023 establishes the main challenge to recover international tourist demand and position the 'Costa Cálida-Region of Murcia' as a safe holiday destination.

With this agreement, the Region of Murcia takes a further step in its firm commitment to tourism, activating one more tool to recover the pre-pandemic levels of this sector.

This campaign can mobilize up to 800,000 euros, because it includes both the investment of 484,000 from the Institute of Tourism and that which the airlines themselves can add in their advertising actions to promote the Region in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The preferred destinations will be the large cities of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, such as London, Dublin, Birmingham, East Midlands and Glasgow, from which more than 308,000 passengers arrived in the Region in 2019 and which are considered markets with potential growth, according to The Minister of the Presidency, Tourism and Sports, Marcos Ortuño, explained at a press conference.

The north of the United Kingdom will also reach this promotion: Leeds-Bradford, Manchester, Edinburgh and Newcastle; and, in the south, to Bristol, Bournemouth and Southend, which in 2019 attracted 77,088 passengers.

Tourists from the United Kingdom will be able to travel to Spain from June with a digital health certificate or a negative Covid test, as agreed by the Government of Spain and the British.

The advancement of the immunization process and the vaccination certificates will provide a boost for this summer season, which could translate into an increase in the reservations of British tourists to the Region of Murcia for these months. In addition, the Covid Insurance that is activated in July will be a differentiating element with the rest of the competing destinations in the Region of Murcia.

As a complement to this international action, the Ministry of the Presidency, Tourism and Sports has arranged an expense of 1,890,000 euros for the next three years to promote the Community as a tourist destination in Spanish cities connected to the international airport of the Region. of Murcia.

The cities of Bilbao, Santander and Oviedo, as well as Barcelona, ​​are the recipients of these promotional campaigns. Tourism in the northern part of Spain, as well as international tourism, can allow the influx of tourists outside of the high season, seasonally adjusting visits to attract them during the months of October to May, when they are looking for warmer temperatures, especially regarding the Cantabrian coast.


The counselor of the branch, Marcos Ortuño, has explained that one of the objectives of these initiatives is to encourage air connections with the International Airport of the Region of Murcia, an infrastructure that he has described as "vital" for the reactivation of tourism.

Thus, Ortuño has pointed out that, according to forecasts, this summer there will be more than 30 operations every week at this aerodrome, which, on the other hand, is among the six safest in the country thanks to the health measures implemented to combat the expansion of the coronavirus.

"Today we can say that the Region of Murcia is a safe destination thanks, of course, to the responsible attitude of the citizens of the Region and also to the health measures that have been implemented by the regional government such as covid insurance for tourists and visitors, "he said.

Faced with this, he has criticized the "absolute abandonment of responsibility" of the central Executive during the pandemic. "A Government of Spain that at this moment is focused on raising taxes on diesel and plane tickets, imposing tolls for the use of highways, eliminating joint taxation in personal income tax, which will directly affect more than 130,000 families in the Region and that in recent days has subcontracted to the courts for the management of the health crisis ".

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